My ‘HE’


I had a fair share of being in a relationship experience. It was something ordinary for me. In other words, it was of no great shakes to me. Until NOW!!!
This time is so different from the others!
This time is ineffable!
What could be more wonderful than being in love. And loving someone who loves you even more is something more than a blessing! Only the lucky ones experience that!
INVINCIBLE” is what his name means. And I feel his traits match the meaning just fine. Cannot be conquered! He is perfect (may be ONLY for me or for the rest of the world as well).
INVINCIBLE“! The name itself is enough to put a smile on my face. Just a glimpse of him is magnificent to my eye.
INVINCIBLE “! MY MAN! A perfect blend of beauty, brilliance and humor. His brown eyes, when meets my gaze at him, shimmers somewhat more than usual. His miracle skin always manages my eyes to be captured by in any kind of crowd or situations. The way he talks, his gestures and his expressions always manages to overwhelm my mind.
His personality is inevitable, which boggles my mind if other girls are falling for him too. Although having some of these insane thoughts running on my mind, I cannot pull my eyes away from him. Something so beautiful, something so perfect, someone with such triumphant smile is MINE! He is more than a boyfriend or lover to me. I just can’t reconcile a staid and dull-concept of boyfriend with my concept of him. It’s like casting an Archangel as an accountant.
I can go all day talking and thinking about him. Had we met at the very beginning, when we started to understand the relationship and love concepts,I would have snaffled him.
And if I sum it all up,I would say I LOVE HIM! I AM IRREVOCABLY IN LOVE WITH HIM!